Make ​payroll,
and HR the least
of your worries.

These things take up a lot of your time. But they don’t have to. We can handle it all for you.
And if you have any questions or concerns, you’ll always be able to reach a dedicated person who knows you and your business and will be available to speak with you at any time.
Give your
headaches to us.
Running a business means adhering to federal, state, and local employment regulations. But keeping up with these ever-changing laws takes time away from running your business.
You can cross things like workers’ comp and state unemployment insurance off your to-do list. We’ll make sure every aspect of your business is compliant.
Eliminate your
payroll and tax
Automatic Deposits
We’ll take care of your automated direct deposits for full- and part-time employees on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.
One-off Payments
We’ll pay your U.S.-based vendors and contractors — at no additional cost.
Payroll Tax Filings
We’ll report and remit your federal, state, and local payroll taxes, and file your W-2s and 1099s.
Our model aggregates the employees of several other businesses together to harness the buying power of a much larger organization. That means you’ll be able to offer your employees top-notch medical, dental and vision coverage at the most affordable rates.
We’ll take care of onboarding, PTO management, claims, and any other benefits-related paperwork you have.
Treat your
employees to
the benefits they