We’re a company founded by small business owners.

What that means is, we understand what you’re going through. Every day. Figuring out the best funding options, employee benefits, and all the different types of insurance you need isn’t easy. Every business owner needs some help navigating it all.

We’re that help.

We got into this business to take some of those stresses off your plate. And to give you the freedom you need to enjoy all the reasons you got into business in the first place. We’re the trusted resource you’ve probably been looking for. Someone you can turn to for honest advice and support — empowering you to make better business decisions.

Your business is everything to you. And to us.

We get that your business is what puts a roof over your head and food on your table. And we’ll never lose sight of that. It’s why we hold ourselves and everyone who works for us to the highest possible standards.

With an underlying goal of helping ambitious people achieve everything they’re capable of, you’ll find our employees are some of the most passionate and motivated you’ll ever have the pleasure of working with. We make sure they have the education and training they need to help you succeed. And you’ll get a sense of that every time you interact with them.

Count on us to do the right thing.

People first

We commit to one big charitable act a month, with every member on our team participating. It’s a great way for us to bond with each other, while doing something good for the people around us.

​Integrity always

We started out with a vision: To be a truly ethical partner to our clients. In this unregulated environment of predatory lending, we’re striving to do something different, something honest. Something that helps, rather than hurts.

Small footprint

We strive to be a good neighbor, care for our employees, and reduce our impact on the environment. Working to limit our energy consumption, paper use, solid waste generation, air travel, and water use is a huge priority for us.

Our current mission is to consolidate all of the key services you need to operate and grow your business under one roof, with a single point of contact who knows you and your business intimately.

Once we accomplish everything we set out to do today, we’ll be tackling other obstacles business owners face tomorrow.

We’ll never stop
finding solutions
to your problems.